My day

21 Oct

Today was busy! The typical morning run around getting the kids and ourselves ready for the day. DD off to school by noon giving a slight window of time in which to accomplish important tasks and returning on time to pick her up at 3PM.

We had an appointment, it was terrible yet good because it’s done. But talk about disorganized. Oh, we werent disorganized but the people we had the appointment with were! We had to wait a good almost two hours before being served with our wide awake 19 month old son. That was fun trying to keep him entertained, his toys were boring after an hour! Dh had time to get us timmys while we waited and a donut for the boy.

Finally we got out of there, visited the bank and dh picked up dd from the bus with ds while I ran for something else. Waited about 20 minutes in a line listening to some lady with two seemingly uncontrolable children just to be told I have to come back tomorrow. Oh well less waiting tomorrow at least.

After that I met up with dh and the kids, we all went to do some groceries. Walked back home everyone exhausted and drained. The evening wound down after supper, baths and bed early for prettymuch everyone including me!

— Until next time…Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1

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Posted by on October 21, 2009 in Rant


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