The transition begins!

04 Nov

A couple of weeks ago dd came frantically declairing that her “little tiny tooth in the front was wiggly!”. I explained to her how as she gets bigger her small or “baby” teeth will get loose, fall out and make room for her “big girl” teeth.

Just about every day since she had asked if her teeth would fall out soon. And every day the gap between the loose tooth and the rest got bigger.

Tonight after playing in her room for a bit dd came rushing down from her room in excitement, “Mommy! My littlest tooth fell out! There was blood but that’s ok!” the honesty of a five year old.

We tried the “tooth fairy” deal and her question was “why does the tooth fairy buy my teeth?” lol scratch that – we told her the tooth fairy collects them and rewards kids for losing a baby tooth – nice recovery!

So, after wrinsing her mouth and placing the tooth in a little jewlry gift box I had in my drawer (packrat), we discovered the tooth next to the now hole is ready to fall out itself any time. Looks like the “tooth fairy” will be busy in this household as my little girl transitions to big girl.

A picture of her new smile :-)) er kind of lol

— Until next time…Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1

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