When parents get sick

10 Nov

Apologies for the several day gap between my posts lately. Unfortunately I was very sick with a virus for a few days. That terrible virus that has been entering homes and contaminating every member. Some cases H1N1 while others just viral infections or whatever else is going around this time of year.

Usually I am the last one to get sick out of the four of us but not this time. Dh did a great job and handled everything while I shivered and whined like a baby in bed until he too caught what I had. So, one parent really sick and the other trying to recooperate both trying not to breathe on the kids. Oh boy that was crazy.

On top of it nothing (except disinfecting my house) got done – laundry piled up and the place got messy.
No writing was done on my behalf for my blog or any other projects.

Feeling a little better today but very sleep deprived thanks to the sweats and chills all night long plus the coughing.

Today I took a walk with dh and ds to get some fresh air. When we got home I started cleaning up, changed my bed and became a bit overwhelmed with the size of my laundry pile – early morning tomorrow I guess.

It’s really hard when both parents are sick with no outside help but we made it, now it’s time to start cleaning up the aftermath.

— Until next time…Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1

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