12 Nov

Puzzles have always been in households for as far as most of us can remember. A way to keep your child entertained while they learn and exercise their memories putting together anywhere from 5 to 500+ pieces.

As a child growing up I always received a puzzle at Christmas. Whether it was a stocking stuffer or a gift from a relative who had no idea what to get kids, I had them. But I had no interest. I had no patients to sit and peice everything together. Most of the puzzles became lost over time and eventually garbage, what a waste!

My mother bought dd a Disney/Pixar Finding Nemo puzzle book, dd was too young to use it so we put it away until recently.

Playing in the basement dd came across her nemo puzzle. Now, everyday it’s “mom can I take out my puzzles?” and instead of pieces everywhere after about ten minutes, she actually sits and puts them together – quickly.

I’m really proud she enjoys using educational toys and games like puzzles and books. My little brain 😉

— Until next time…Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1

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