Half way to Christmas

19 Nov

November has about a week or so left and the real fun begins. December 1st marks the Christmas count down – 25 days until the big guy gets in his sleigh.

As every year lately this santas bag might be a little slim. Things haven’t been going as financially well as we’d hoped – stuff happens what can you do but make the best of it.

That’s exactly what we plan to do. Christmas shouldn’t be about material items, not the image I want my children seeing it as – accumulating the “gimmy gimmy” syndrome.

Dd asked me an interesting question this morning while I brushed her hair for school – Whats the point of Christmas?

Being catholic I reminded her about learning about baby Jesus in school and explained it was a day to celebrate the people you love by sharing thoughtful gifts. She then went on about things she would like her little brother to have.

Now here’s the fun part I just thought about – how the heck does Santa fit in to this scenerio? She hasn’t asked yet but she could. The joys of a curious five year old, almost feel bad about lying with the whole Santa deal but it’s the lit up faces when they see that big jolly old man every year that continues the Santa saga.

I guess I’ll figure that one out if the question ever rises.

I’m starting to get more into the Christmas mood despite the financial stress of it all. Hubby has the lights out to start the exterior decorating of the house 🙂

As I said, we’ll make the best of it – after all Christmas only comes once a year.

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