House full of loaners

28 Nov

Ever notice when you buy (what you think at the time is) an amazing electronic device or appliance only to find after a short life, it breaks down. Not only does it break down but it breaks down at the worst possible moment? That’s me this past week.

First thing to go, an appliance well loved by both dh and myself, our 12 cup oster coffee maker. Less than two years old, Wednesday morning it worked. Wednesday afternoon it worked. Wednesday evening it decided it’s time had passed.

Some of you are probably reading this saying “who cares? You have a tassimo!”. I love my tassimo and it’s brilliance in coffee/hot drink brewing. I enjoy it so much it’s my “specialty coffee brewer” – wouldn’t want to use it constantly and have it see the same fate as the oster just did. Not to mention I’m running out of t-discs except espresso, Colombian, decaf, starbucks and green tea. Need to stock up before Christmas!

Either way we were hit hard with an unexpected large lump sum deposit fee from the gas company, totally out of our planned monthly/Christmas budget. So a new coffee maker is out of the picture right away. A friend offered her spare until we get a new one, “the loaner”.

Second thing to break down this week was a beloved electronic of both kids. The livingroom tv began flickering, the screen goes wavey and eventually shuts off on it’s own. Nice, we are still paying it off so luckily it’s under warranty.

Today two delivery guys came in, saw the tvs funky waves and gave us a smaller “loaner” until the technitian comes Monday or Tuesday to either fix it or take it away for repairs. So my livingroom has two tvs in it, looks terrible what a hassle!

I’m happy for the loaners don’t get me wrong it could be much worst. No tv no coffee make mommy something something…(little humour) it’s just such a hassle at the most stressful time of the year.

Maybe putting our tree up tomorrow will change my mood and get me more into the Christmas spirit.

— Until next time…Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1

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