Feeling the holidays

19 Dec

Only six days left until the most anticipated day of the year by children of all ages: Christmas!

Being so close to the holidays and having been able to pull of somewhat of a Santa bag for the kids, I’m starting to feel a lot like Christmas…

The tree has been decorated for a couple of weeks, dh put together a playlist of Christmas songs we’ve been playing music in the evening after supper when the trees lit up bright. Cozy and together, it feels like a real Christmas.

We may not be able to spoil our kids with the latest and most expensive popular toys but we tried our best and I know they will have smiles as wide as rainbows come Christmas morning.

One thing in particular is bringing me more into the spirit and that is all the wonderful people I’ve met online, the network of fabulous mom bloggers and mom-preneurs a like who have made it more than welcoming for my return to blogging 8 months ago.

I’d like to thank the wonderful group of ladies at for allowing mom bloggers like myself, the opportunity to participate in campaigns such as the recent Pampers campaign which i had contributed an entry to.

Being able to meet amazing people as well as a gift at 🙂 for fun contests, content and people follow @MC_Canada on Twitter!

Take a look at my blogroll as well for more amazing mommy blogs! So many yummy Christmas recipes, crafts and fun rants what’s not to keep it from being a merry Christmas!

Six days to go! We are almost there!
— Until next time…Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1

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