Three more days!

23 Dec

Christmas is in three days and I have a list of things to do, most of which I should’ve began at least on the weekend but either way I’ll try to smash it all into one day and see what the outcome is.

Maybe my little Christmas elves will be cooperative and help mommy-clause out the next couple of days.

My mom is coming for an earlier visit Christmas eve, I must have my house decent.

Laundry, cleaning, baking, wrapping…so much but I really did bring this on myself!

Even though we aren’t hosting any big extravagant Christmas parties, I still want things to go smoothly when we do dinner with my mom and her hubby on the 26th.

I love this time of year especially getting to sit down and enjoy what I have. Not worry about all the aweful and negative things that recently happened in my personal life. Push it aside for a special season and enjoy the laugher brought to my children by joy and excitement sitting back with satisfaction knowing we’ve pulled it off once again with little to work with and everybodys happy, together.

Time to get to bed or it’ll lead to mommy grinch instead of mommy clause 😉

— Until next time…Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1

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