07 Jan

Bullying is a serious issue in many schools today, children being picked on by other children for whatever reason. It’s an issue that has been around for decades and it should be up to us, the responsible parent to teach our children how to handle emotions, confrontations and that bullying another child is wrong.

Many children are silent about it as well, they won’t tell their parents or any trusted adult what’s going on sometimes until the problem starts interrupting the bullied childs everyday life.

I’ve always taught my daughter to tell an adult. If she feels it’s wrong she can always come to mom or dad. Which I’m glad this time she listened and came to us.

Dd has had a problem with one particular little girl since September. At first we thought it was because school was all new and kids are kids.

Months later it continues with this child constantly picking at mine and according to dd if she doesn’t do what she’s told the girl threatens her with anything from hitting to not being her friend.

Hearing this from my own 5 year old with tears in her eyes and a trembling lip broke my heart and mommy mode kicked in.

This afternoon I took dd to the bus stop to see what’s been going on and maybe try to put a stop to it. Dd was talking to the other girls caregiver when the other girl made a snide remark that was uncalled for.

I spoke up, told her that was rude and asked her why she’s not getting along with my daughter. The two girls instantly started babbling about what eachother does to the other. Oh boy. It wasn’t working at all. Neither child will give in.

So the grown ups spoke and the caregiver said she would start driving in the other girl to try to avoid this problem but it happens at school as well.

So, one more incident and phone calls will have to be made to the teacher and the childs actual mother because this has got to stop. Every day of Christmas break she mentioned this girl.

It’s getting to the point it disturbs my daughters sleep as well. Night wakings, bad dreams and a sudden fear of what lurks in the dark corners of her room.

I know my daughter is not perfect but I know she’s typically friendly with other kids, a real ham who loves to have other friends around her. If she is denied she takes it very personal and becomes hurt.

I don’t know this other little girl except that her parents are divorced and she stays a lot with her caregiver, I know that can be hard on a child but picking on mine isn’t going to solve anything.

Hopefully her caregiver takes what happened this afternoon into consideration and let her mother or father know what’s going on. Kindergarten and already it begins!

— Until next time…Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1

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