Busy Mom Getting things done

18 Jan

Last week was insanely busy. Between the kids, the hubby, social gatherings and lack of sleep because of pain releif methods that just arent working, I’m glad weve moved on to a new week.

On top of the daily routine with the children & chores around the house, hubby had three seriously infected abcess teeth he needed to have removed pronto.

Tuesday afternoon a good friend of ours went with hubby to the specialist, what a day. Hubby is the type who does not do well with anesthetics. I’ve witnessed the outcome and it had me a bit worried that I couldn’t be there as support this time. It put me at ease knowing a trustworthy friend was available to be by his side. We are lucky to have such friends.

With hubby recovering I was kept very busy considering our son is nearly walking making him much more mobile and more likely to get into things he’s not supposed to. The discovery age. He keeps me on my feet although I feel it at night.

Our little girl had an excellent week, the bus driver was quite impressed with the behaviour and the bully has eased off into being friends with our little girl. Sometimes all it takes is communication and making sure everybody understands how eachother’s feeling. Happy that’s resolved.

On a bitter note we found out some fairly devistating family news. There is a close member who is very ill. We have him in our prayers and wish nothing but good for him during this difficult time.

It’s one of those unavoidable occurances that really makes you look around at who you have in your life. Remind yourself how much they mean to you while you can. Unfortunately sometimes differences cannot be resolved and time is wasted. These are the times to put everything aside and be as supportive as you can be toward the ones who need it most.

On that note, my own little ones need my attention…maybe a hug or two as well.

— Until next time…Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1

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