I’m living with Macgyver

25 Jan

My man is a true “Mr. Fix it”. Better yet, he’s a true “Build anything from anything” type of DIYSer.

He is constantly building (or repairing hehe) things for and around our home.

In recent years he has built and fixed computers, everything from hardware down to the software needed to run it.

He’s fixed just about every electronic we’ve owned that’s broken down from coffee makers & kettles to DVD players, cell phones and tvs. Basically anything electronic, he’ll take a chance to at least try to fix it.

This past summer as many of you readers already know he built a deck & grew us a back lawn. Recently redid the basement turning it from dingey and old to homey and new.

I am lucky to have a man as handy as mine. I couldn’t think of half the ideas he’s come up with, my Mr. Home improvement.

While mom worries about the piles of laundry, what to make for dinner and everything else kid related, dad gets everything else done.

It’s nice to have the type of relationship that both parties are on the same page working as a team. What one can’t accomplish the other tries his or her best to take it over. It makes patenting as well as running a household just a little easier.

— Until next time…Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1

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