"Your daughter is a lovely child, however…"

04 Feb

Dd has been in sk for six months. It’s her first year of school as well as attended preschool/daycare for two years prior.

During an interview with her teacher in decmeber 2009, her in class behaviour was mentioned as somewhat of a big problem as she was constantly disrupting the class etc.

Tuesday morning my phone rang. It was a lady from dds school calling to yet again discuss dds behaviour at school. After a 20 minute discussion about her similar but not as dramatic behaviour at home and agreed on her getting a little help when it comes to behaving in the classroom by one of the schools behaviour workers.

Dh & I have tried just about everything to encourage her in positive ways in regards to school, maybe something besides “time outs” might help her succeed in the areas she’s having trouble in.

Like any parent we only want our children to succeed and trying new approaches never hurt.

Our little girl is getting big. In so many ways she’s a big girl, but in some ways she’s still a little girl. She will be fine in the long run, I know deep inside but for now we will do what we can to help her thrive. The love of parents to a child, I know I’ll do just about anything in my power for my kids. Proud of them no matter what.

— Until next time…Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1

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