Proud to be Canadian

01 Mar

The winter olympics 2010 come to an end with Canada taking the gold!

The 2010 Olympics were held in Vancouver, BC in my home country Canada this past while.

Airing on pretty much every station nation wide Team Canada playing on home ground and raking in the gold medals.

This afternoon it was mens hockey, Canada Vs USA. One of the most anticipated events in the olympics I think, at least for us hockey fans.

Twitter and facebook were buzzing with both Canadian and American fans rooting their home team on. The score was 2-1 Canada when US scored them into overtime seconds before the end of 3rd period. After a while of back & forth nail biting action, Canada took the GOLD!

Bringing the 2010 winter olympics to an end, not only did this mean another gold medal under Team Canadas belt but a record for being the nation to win the most gold medals in Olympic history.

Typically I’m not really into sports except hockey and the ocassional ufc fight (if that’s even considered a sport ) but the Olympic hockey had me interested and I’m genuinely happy (along with millions of other canadians) that we won!

Team USA you fought your fair battle, it was fun and congratulations on the silver medal.

The whole event makes us proud to be Canadian, so I will say it loud and proud I AM CANADIAN! Congratulations Team Canada!

— Until next time…Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1

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