Spring decorating part 1

03 Mar

Every year since becoming parents most of us catch spring fever. I’m not talking about a medical condition or virus, I’m talking about the spring fever that makes you clean and organize pretty much the entire house.

Yesterday I disinfected the house, sounds fun doesn’t it? Unfortunately the only thing I had left to wash the floors with was pine sol. I don’t really like smell, it’s a tad on the strong pine smell side. At least I feel better knowing I got rid of the army of dust bunnies accumulating under the furniture along with lost toys the kids threw under there.

Speaking of kids, today hubby and I attacked the mountains of junk, toys and outgrown clothes collected in the kids rooms over the past year. We decided to do a clean up to prepare for redecorating both the rooms, give them a fresh look.

Dd recieved a beautiful hand made quilt with matching pillow case and curtains from her aunt. DS also recieved a medival bed/curtain set including a metal shield/axe crest for his wall. So sweet of my sister in law, hubbys sister to give us these beautiful bedroom sets for the kids.

What a mess it felt like it was never ending but the result is our girl chatting a mile a minute about her nice room and our boys excited “Wow!!” seeing that metal crest on his bedroom wall. Both rooms still need to be painted or repainted and a little more decor. Ds is turning two soon time to ditch the crib too.

Hubby has always had a knack for interior decorating and I know he’ll do an amazing job on both the kids rooms.

Until next time…Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1

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