When the kids get sick, Moms have Hydrasense

20 Mar

There is absolutely no worse feeling to a mother then when our children are sick. That nurturing feeling is at it’s strongest yet we have a feeling of weakness at the same time knowing we are trying out best to comfort them but our best just isn’t helping our babies feel better in the middle of a bad cold/flu.

Stuffy/Runny noses are the worst. I remember our oldest childs first cold. She was so congested and uncomfortable but all we had was fever reducing medicine and a rubber nasal pump. Babies especially have a difficult time breathing and cannot blow their own noses to releive mucus from their tiny, delicate air passages. Medication can only work for so long and rubber nasal pumps only pump out so much, are difficult to clean making them somewhat unsanitary for multiple uses.

So whats a mom to do when a little one has a terribly stuffy/runny nose and can’t seem to clear out that nasty congestion? Have hydraSense®. Had I known more about this product on past colds and flus I definitely would have used it and will definitely use it for future congested little noses.

So, what is hydraSense® ?

hydraSense® is a saline nasal wash system using 100% seawater. A simple, ready to use way to clean out all that yucky mucus that accumulates in the nasal passages during a cold, flu or respiratory infection. Much more hygenic than those regular nasal pumps.

Where can I get more information on hydraSense® ?

Check out the demo on how to easily use the hydraSense® nasal aspirator and also visit for more details. Join the dolphin club before April 10th for great savings too!

Can I get a coupon code for hydraSense® products?

Yes! You can obtain a coupon code for hydraSense® products by:
1) Going to the hydraSense website and signing up for the dolphins club
2) Once you are signed up just log into your account. Once you are logged into your account, enter MC2010 under the coupons tab to get your $8 off coupon.
*This post was written in participation with Mom Central for a blog tour. I recieved a sample of this product and would like to thank everyone at Mom Central for the opportunity to be part of blog tours such as this one.*

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