Pull-Ups™ Potty Dance

27 Mar

Our son just turned 2 years old a couple of weeks ago. He is about to make a change within the next few months: Transitioning from baby boy to little boy. Not only does that mean transitioning from crib to bed and ditching the baby bottle for a sippy but also the biggest step to becoming a big kid, potty training! This should be an interesting part of my motherhood journey, as we all know boys and girls are each different.

I remember potty training with our oldest child when she was her brothers age. We tried just about every trick to try and convince her to use the potty. Rewards such as stickers and treats did not work, she wanted nothing to do with the pint sized toilet we had gotten her no matter what. We worked together, and she eventually got the hang of it especially when she started attending daycare and they had a “No diapers or pull-ups” policy.

Every child is different, so this time, with our son we will be trying out a new approach to potty training by introducing him to the Pull-Ups™ Potty Dance!
Huggies Pull-Ups™ introduces a fun new way to get your little one moving and grooving learning the Potty Dance. The Pull-Ups Potty Dance is a fun, positive way to encourage success in potty training!

It’s fun and it’s catching on fast. In fact, even Jessica Holmes and Traci Melchor from etalk are doing it! Check out their videos and see what we’re talking about!

Jessica’s Potty Dance Video.
Traci’s Potty Dance Video

As a mom of 2, I enjoyed watching these videos and learning more about how fun the Pull Ups Potty Dance is and I hope you did too! Visit the official Huggies Pull-Ups website for more videos, potty training information and even goodies like coupons and a potty training success DVD*! *while supplies last*

Happy potty training everyone!

*This post was written in participation with another great blog campaign hosted by Momcentral*

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