First crush?

28 Mar

My daughter has always had a little artist in her. Always drawing, painting and making things. Oh how she reminds me of me as a child.

Lately she’s been learning to write names, like her own, “Mommy”,”Daddy”, and lately I’ve noticed the name “Tommy” being printed by her in big crayon letters on the pictures she draws.

At first I thought nothing of it because she does write names of other friends, she likes making pictures for them. Tonight she asked me if she spelled “Tommy” correctly and had an impish grin on her face. The type of grin we all had once upon a time, crushing on a boy.

I asked her who this Tommy is and her reply made me literally laugh out loud.

She tells me Tommy is a boy in her class, she really likes him and if he kisses her hand she will faint!

Although I thought it was cute and funny, she was dead serious with this crushy glow in her eyes.

Since beginning kindergarten she’s been talking about other children talking about “boyfriends and girlfriends” – not like a child that age really knows the definition and we have explained to her that children her age are too young to think about that stuff but oh my god…it starts. The first child crush.

Daddy dreaded hearing, I think he pretended not to to avoid another grey hair – I’m surprised I haven’t gotten any myself but then again that’s one option us moms have, hair dye.

– Until next time…keep dreaming… @iDream1

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