10 ways to go Green on a budget

29 Mar

Guest Post! Ten Ways To Go Green On A Budget

Written by Pat

All we seem to hear now-a-days is recession, recession! Layoffs, and tight budgets!
True. But there are ways to “pinch your proverbial pennies and “stretch that tight budget.”
And here we go!

Everyone has most of these items in their homes at one point or another. And if not, some of the t items listed can be purchased at a dollar store or basic food store for next to nothing.
And that is what it will cost you financially and environmentally. Next to nothing!

1. Baking Soda-a multitude of uses, for hard water scaling, pour it into your laundry washer, it freshens the clothes and softens the water. Clothes will last longer. Don’t need commercial laundry softener that will go down the drain and corrode the environment or the water. Safe for your drain pipes too.

2. Vinegar-The miracle disinfectant, non-allergenic, and non-toxic to all little critters, kids and pets alike, who wander around on all fours on the floor. 1/4 cup to a bucket of warm water, a mop and you are ready to go. Use it also to disinfect the counter top where the cat jumps up on or somebody puts peanut butter on. :))

3. Lemon Juice-You know those fancy cutting boards made of hard plastic, or the wood ones you love to chop all your veggies and meats on, well, guess what, contamination: lemon juice will disinfect the cutting boards, and bleach the wooden ones, and keep them fresh. It will keep your dish cloth fresh and disinfect and freshen your drain too.

4. Re-usable plastic containers-assorted sizes ($$ store) -Why? are you throwing those yogurt, ice cream or other plastic containers into the garbage. They are filling land fills, and clogging up the earth and take forever to rot. The large containers can be used for potted plants, the smaller ones, maybe get creative and use them for crayons, brushes, whatever…just don’t pitch them. And that big blue box-its called a RECYCLE BOX, that’s where they go!

5. Newspaper, brown paper bags, (re-use from the grocery store & recyle after used), RECYCLE, RE-USE, newspaper-line the litter box, and when you discard it, much friendlier to the environment. Brown paper, RE-USE, alot of times your child will come home from elemetary school and a request to cover books, use the brown paper to cover the books. Save a tree.

6. Generic shampoo, on sale at local pharmacies-be conscientious about the amount you use, the size of a dime, per head of hair.

7. Used clothes – Buy @ 2nd hand shops, or collect at home and donate to needy. Children outgrow (so do teenagers), their wardrobes as fast as you can blink! Go through the closets and dressers, send some of them off to second hand stores, donate to needy shops and just ask your neighbor who has 2-3 little tots, if they can use them. You will be surprised, and you will feel good about it.

8. Computers- you can purchase a refurbished one- keyboard, mouse, monitor and hard- drive, for a fraction of the cost of paying 3x’s as much for a new model. Ideal for school projects, games or hobbies, especially in a household that has to share everything.

9. Coupons, cut them out, keep in an envelope in your bag, bring with you to shop and save $$$. The flyer you cut them out of can be re-used (cat littler disposal, and decomposes, earth friendly, or recycled, BLUE BOX). You will amaze yourself at how .50 cents off a 2L of chocolate milk lets you buy 2 cartons for an extra treat!

10. Books-don’t buy new ones, it will cost you an arm and a leg, go to flee markets, bookstores that have discounts, yard sales, you will be surprised that you may find something for every member of the family. Make it a family tradition and it will become a family outing!
Finished with those books, kids have outgrown, pass them onto schools, your neighbours’ kids, or donate them to the library.

So, there you have it, one version of Going Green!
Think: Re-use, Re-cylce and how little it takes to Re-contribute to Mother Earth. I know She will Thank You!
Think Green! And be that person who is, as the old saying goes, “Green around the Ears!”

® 2010 – Patricia OCallahan for A Motherhood Experience Blog. Only to be used by A Motherhood Experience – explicit permission from the author, Patricia O’Callahan, of, “10 ways to go green!

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