Finishing March

01 Apr

This past week has been very busy (wow isn’t that a surprise.) It seems as though one thing after another keep happening to us, when does it end? Apparently never when you’re an official grown-up.

I’m happy the weather turned out as beautiful as it did though, it helped make things a bit cheerier.

Monday was quite interesting as hubby and I spent our entire day in a Fido store. We went in for something that should have only taken maybe an hour to do. Dont ask why but six and a half hours later we walked out of the store, with a renewed contract and an upgrade plus the kids got treated to A&W for waiting.

Speaking of which I have to say I am still impressed by my kids behaviour too that day. No child would sit in a boring store without getting into mischief for that long a time, but mine did. For once mine weren’t the kids running around terrorizing the place – maybe next time but for this time, I’m proud of them.

We have done quite a bit of running around this week and it’s not over yet. Tomorrow our son has a neonatal appointment. Let’s hope getting there goes smoothly.

I’ll be honest, they arent always easy. Doctors and specialists checking everything from physical to social skills, you’d think a mother would be used to it after 2 years but no. You never know when they might feel something is wrong. Brings back memories.

Easter is coming this weekend. Dd has a four day weekend and it’s a packed one. Packed but with people we love an it is always time well spent.

Grandma (my mom), is coming to visit Saturday. Sunday will be spent with hubbys side celebrating the holiday.

Our daughter is more excited about seeing her cousins and grandparents than the Easter bunny – maybe phasing him out won’t be as hard as I thought in my previous post? We’ll see, there’s still a few days until Easter.

The last day of march, wrapping up another month – let’s make April a great month. New beginnings with spring in the air.

Happy Easter to everyone celebrating this weekend!

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