Easter Part 1

04 Apr

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day outside! The sun was shining and the temperature felt like summer time.
Early afternoon we had a nice visit with hubbys parents, they usually come for coffee Saturday afternoons. We will see them for Easter part 2 tomorrow as well as the rest of our family, it’s always so nice getting together.
Later on in the afternoon my mom along with her hubby came for their Easter visit. We had pizza to save time for visiting and she brought the kids Easter surprises.
She also got hubby a surprise that made him smile ear to ear – a brand new cordless drill, radio/charger and tool bag kit! His belated birthday was well worth the wait. It’s not about gifts, money or any of those material things, it’s the memories we make.

Overall we had a great time as always talking about old times and new times to come, it’s too bad the visits are so short. We don’t get to visit as often as we’d all like. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I miss my mom when she leaves.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday – dinner plans were changed and everyones coming to our place instead. The Easter bunny comes tonight.

— until next time keep dreaming

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