Easter Part 2

05 Apr

Happy Easter!

This morning my daughter had a disappointed look on her face when we got up. She claimed the Easter bunny did not come because there were no Easter eggs in our back yard.

Little did she see rushing through the house that good old mr bunny left the chocolate treats scattered everywhere in the livingroom for her and her brother leading to the chocolate bunny treats left on the diningroom table. She noticed on the way back into the livingroom and was surprised, had a blast hunting for them.

My “no chocolate before breakfast” rule was not broken although our son tried by saying “Mmmm!” upon seeing me put away his treats for later but as always breakfast was served before the sugar rush.

Our guests arrived around noon, prepared to prepare a beautiful scrumptious meal of ham, potatoes, carrots, macaroni salad and ceasar salad. Mmm was it ever GOOD. Grandpa, grandma, uncle and aunt came with chocolate surprises for the kids too, yum!

We were outside the entire day, six adults, five kids, two dogs and a cat. The kids played at the park on and off – love how it’s so close.

During our visit my sister in law, my hubbys sister, showed us something she had made on her computer. It was the most heart-touching thing I’ve ever seen someone make for the ones they love – a dedication slideshow of sentimental photos. It was beautiful.

After dinner and cleaning up we all went as a family to the park with the kids. We had fun, pushed the kids on the swings, took some great pictures.

This family is what made this weekend special and it felt nice to have everyone laughing together under one roof.

Being with my man for nearly seven years I’ve grown this love for each and every one of them and I’m honoured to be part of this family. It’s true – no matter what you go through in life, it’s times like these you know your true family will stick together until the end no matter what.

We had a fantastic Easter weekend and I hope you all did too!

Until next time – keep dreaming

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