Spring cold

10 Apr

The weather went from beautiful and sunny to dark, cold and rainy in a matter of a couple of days this week. At least we were able to use the deck for our family Easter get together.

With this crazy weather came this years first cold. Dd woke up this morning runny, red nosed and pale and her little brother wasn’t looking so great himself.

A sick day on a friday, a good reason for the kids to relax and me to disinfect the germs off the objects dd had her hands on, at least what I saw she’s touched.

It ended up being a flipped afternoon for naps. The little guy didn’t want to and dd couldn’t wait to. Rare in this house, even as a baby our daughter never slept during the day unless preschool made her or, like today, she’s sick. Her brother is usually the complete opposite, loves his naps but I think he wanted to be up because Nana and Pepe were visiting. Dd admitted it felt good to get some rest too after she got up.

Hopefully it doesn’t get worse or spread through the family too quickly, I hate seeing everyone miserable all at once and that’s usually how it happens. Like a chain reaction, one gets sick and voilà the house is infected. Thank god for disinfectant!

Oh well, c’est la vie! A mothers work is never done.

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