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11 Apr

Luck reared it’s ugly side last night. We got the kids in bed at a reasonable time and I had hopes of editing one of my drafts for an upcoming event here at A Motherhood Experience and it happened. Hubby went to make sure he closed up everything he had been using to fix a problem with his moms modem earlier that day, the computer was dead.

At first we thought one of the kids hit the power button or something unplugged but after troubleshooting we both diagnosed the problem: Death of Power supply.The only up to date PC in the house and it had to go.

Yes, it is “only” a power supply but it’s $$ that isn’t in the budget to spend at the moment so it has to wait – living expenses & bills must come first.

Now this is not the end of blogging for me, far from it. Blogging will be done mobile for the next while, iPhones are awesome back up if your main computer is down – glad we own them. It’s limited compared to a computer but it has enough power to do what I need to do. I usually write my drafts mobile and then edit and publish from the PC, easier on a bigger screen. So this should be a challenge for me but it’s only temporary.

A Motherhood Experience has an exciting review/giveaway beginning this week, can’t wait to share it with all of you!

In other news: tomorrow is a big day for the blogging world. The top 10 finalists in the Mabels Labels Blogher ’10 contest will be announced! I know whoever wins it, deserves it so good luck!

Until next time…keep dreaming, always.

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