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14 Apr

April 22nd is Earth Day, if you haven’t started already, what better opportunity to start being more “green” than now! Since the nice weather is out and the yard has been being cleaned up on the nice days, we have begun using our organic recycling bin more, along with the usual recycling bins placed out on their specific days for the city to pick up.

We have been using more eco friendly products inside the house, including our paper products. We were introduced to Majesta brand paper products (toilet paper, paper towel and facial tissue) recently and were impressed. Majesta uses virgin-wood fibres instead of recycled/used paper to make their products. They are biodegradable which is safer on your septic tank plus, they are soft to use. Majesta not only makes a great product but they also keep a great promise. A Treesponsible, Tree planting promise “We plant three trees for every one we use to produce Majesta products”. Which lets us know they are doing their part as well to help the environment by not only making a biodegradable paper product but replacing the trees used to make it.

Majesta is currently holding a $15,000 Earth Day Makeover contest. Yes, $15,000 to spend on making your home or yard more eco friendly. That sounds like a dream come true! All you have to do is visit and dedicate a tree for your chance to win! Don’t forget to join the Treesponsible movement and recieve news, rewards and savings!

If I were to win a prize like that I definitely would use it toward buying new energy efficient appliances, washer and dryer, fridge and stove etc. Since our yard isn’t that big, use the rest toward some green landscaping, plant the earth some new fresh grass, trees and assorted plants. There are so many things I know we could do with that kind of money to make our home more eco friendly and energy sufficient, those would be just for starters.

Let me know what you and your family have been doing to prepare for earth day and what you would put $15,000 toward in an eco friendly makeover?

*This post was written in participation with the Mom Central Majesta Mom Spark Group and Blog Tour. I had the opportunity to review Majestas products as well as take part in educational discussion about Majesta and their Treesponsible promise*

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