Facebook Security Breech

18 Apr

We all hear and read about how to keep our kids safe online, how to monitor what your child is doing online and how to be smart online. What happens if you follow all the rules, know all the precautions yet your security is still breeched? You feel violated, you feel like you can’t trust the internet which was once a beloved friend to your long hours of internet surfing *or whatever it is that you did*. Identity theft online is still a big problem, I’m taking every measure possible to ensure it doesn’t happen to me – or at least slim my chances down really thin.

I typically do everything from my iphone. I check my email, twitter, facebook and so on through the lovely apps that are available for iphone or the iphone web browser “Safari”.  Tonight I decided to log onto the PC and get some things done that I’ve been neglecting due to “Mommy tasks”, when it happened.

I log into facebook as usual, typing in my email address and associated password with the account.  Instead of bringing me to the home page, facebook takes me to a security page stating there was unusual activity and needed me to update my info and review this strange activity to make sure it was me. So I updated the information and clicked the next button to view the recent activity.At first I thought maybe since dh changed the router IP that facebook didnt recognize my iphone because I had accessed it during the day yesterday but no, this wasnt the case this time. Apparently there had been several attempts to log into my account through the web from the UK last night at a time I was not online at all, not even mobile.

Luckily I don’t keep any personal information like credit card numbers, paypal accounts, phone numbers or any other financial or very personal information on facebook but it made me think. I never play those games like Yoville, mafia wars, farmville, fishville or whatever else games they have on facebook. They are a waste of time to me, and some a waste of money.How can somebody trust their financial information and risk it all to a website like facebook who have SO many third party applications and give their credit information just to pay an online virtual game (Oh virtual puppies how FUN!). I’m sorry, I’m not mocking anybody who plays these games, I’m just saying the concept of paying for something virtual is silly and your’e risking it unless its an app for your Smartphone or a legit game you pay once to download and play when you like.

It really insulted me that some jerk, some creepy stranger would try to access my personal facebook account and tonight I made some changes. If I had to limit my profile to you, you have been deleted. If you were a page from a third party app, you have been deleted. If you havent talked to me in ages and added me just for the sake of having more friends on your facebook, you have been deleted as well. You get the point…Nothing was harmed (including the fanpage which seems to be in tact) but its better to be safe than eventually sorry.

The internet is a place of free speech but it can also be a place of free information for those hackers, harvesters and theives. The internet is a big place and there are millions upon millions who use it every day…for whatever reason. Think of the internet as a big stranger, be discreet. After all when it comes down to it, you wouldn’t turn around and tell private/credit information to the stranger standing behind you in line at Tim Hortons or Star Bucks right?.

Until Next Time – BE SAFE!


Posted by on April 18, 2010 in facebook security breech


2 responses to “Facebook Security Breech

  1. Redlizzy1

    April 18, 2010 at 1:09 am

    This is a perfect example of why we should never let our guard down. Thanks for the reminder. Sometimes it is easy to forget just who we are "talking" to on Twitter. I sometimes feel vulnerable because I am not very computer savy. Might be time for me to take a course! I enjoy your blog. Thanks.

  2. Lisa

    April 18, 2010 at 1:11 am

    Ewww, creepy. Thanks for the heads up!


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