Thanks Mabel!

28 Apr

Back in February I entered the Mabels Labels Blogher ’10 contest – along with hundreds of other bloggers like myself. We all anticipated the announcement of the top 10 finalist in early April.

I unfortunately was not one of them – but I’m not bitter about it at all. There are tons of deserving bloggers out there. I tried and maybe there will be a chance to try again another time – never give up as they say. Congratulations to the top 10 – you’ve earned it, wonder who the big winner will be!

So that was that, or so I thought until I recieved a lovely email from one of the ladies over at Mabel’s Labels. Thanked me for entering the contest, which was nice enough but I wasn’t expecting the gift she offered! A set of personalized LOL (label out loud) labels and a little thank you package – I recieved it yesterday in the mail (Thanx Caitlin!)

This was just great, beautiful & bright personalized labels for our daughter who loses practically everything – until now 😉

Not only have they impressed me with the quality products and hosting a great contest like the blogher ’10 contest, but Mabels Labels are definitely also living up to the rave reviews I’ve heard from other moms about how wonderful this group of ladies are. It’s wonderful to have had the opportunity to connect with some amazing ladies who knows what the future may bring. So with that a big thank you goes out to the ladies of Mabel’s Labels. Check out all their great labelling products over at!

Until next time keep dreaming…


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