Growing in my yard

02 May

Every year I dream of this gorgeous outdoor oasis in my backyard – filled with beautiful trees and flowers. Sitting on the deck enjoying the summer sun while the kids play in the kiddy pool.

With the yard being a mud-soil-clay mix, it’s been quite the task to grow anything new – even grass. Hubby threw grass seed last year, it took all summer to grow and this year, at least the center of the yard is green!

Trees have begun budding some even blooming and those mystery plants/flowers in my little flower garden seemed to have doubled in population and are growing once again…

Today, as I went to throw the kitchen garbage in the can I stopped to see what was growing in my back yard.

These are beautiful – from a tree in the yard, not quite sure what kind of tree. The blossoms are pretty but fragile – strong wind and they’re on the ground so I thought I’d photograph them while they’re here.

The mystery flowers, actually I think they are violets – growing by the bunches in my flower garden!

Last and really should be least, they aren’t flowers, we hate them and kids love picking them: Dandylions (lol) Thought I’d throw that one in for a smile 🙂

We will be finding out in a couple of weeks if the flower seeds we planted are going to take – unless the dog ruined them or the squirrels got them. Dd is hoping and wishing for them to grow so cross your fingers – we’ll have that oasis someday…

Until next time…keep dreaming


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