Learning online

02 May

An educational website review:

My daughter has been having difficulties with spelling and reading – she does not like it, no matter how we try.
I try reading with her, but she insists she doesn’t know and wants me to read it. She has small 8 page booklets to read weekly for school, it’s difficult. I’ve even tried flashcards with her school words on them making a game of it, it was working but with whining, complaining and frustration. All I want to show her is that learning can be fun and you don’t need to look at it as work.

Thinking of this subject today I googled the phrase “reading for kindergarten” and I found a great website – STARFALL and want to share it with you! Its a fully interactive educational website that can help children learn how to read using phonics and making learning fun with interactive games, stories and puzzles. The best part, it’s free. I know there are tons of good educational websites out there but this was one of the top ones in the search, and the best looking one. It was easy for my five year old to navigate and understand how to play the games easily while learning at the same time.

It has different levels to cover it all from learning about the ABC’s to reading full sentence books. After each game is completed your child is rewarded with virtual stars you can print out for them to show off their accomplishment! There are little stories to read after each level too so your child can practice what they just learned in the mini games.

As a mom who’s been struggling to find a way to help my little girl become more enthusiastic about learning how to read, I’m quite impressed. I would recommend this to any parent struggling with their child as an option to make learning to read fun! As anything else, reading takes time and patience to learn but eventually, we know our kids can do it with just a little help from mom (and in our case the internet!lol)

Until next time…Keep Dreaming!


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