Book Review: The MOM book by Stacy DeBroff

06 May

We all need a little guidance when entering the unknown trails of motherhood. We tend to get advice from the minute we announce our pregnancy up until our kids are grown up and on their own. Everybody wants to make sure we raise these kids right – even if their advice isn’t.

No matter how much advice you get, sometimes the best advice comes from mothers who’ve already been there, done all that and some. Hearing other mothers stories can help a flustered mom get through a rough patch.

That’s why I enjoyed reading The Mom book by Stacy DeBroff . My own mother gave it to me as a gift when I was pregnant with my first child in 2004 and I’m glad she did. With 4278 Mom Central tips It quickly became my bible up until she was three – referencing back to parts I’d read before, time after time. I still refer to it even for my second child.

The book covers everything from A-Z in parenting and raising little ones to make sure you’re as prepared as you can be for being Mom. Breast/Bottle feeding, potty traing, weaning, crafts, getting older kids to help out, allowances and being mom etc. Quotes from other moms included in each chapter give a sense of comfort knowing you’re not alone! I enjoyed it from beginning to end!

I recommend The MOM book to any (new) moms looking for an amazing resource guide to parenting – this is one of my favourites!

Author of The Mom book series, Stacy DeBroff is a nationally-acclaimed parenting expert, a best-selling author, regular TV show guest, corporate spokesperson, and founder and CEO of Mom Central – A great community created for moms, by moms. Click for more info on Stacy DeBroff and all her amazing work!

Until next time…keep dreaming


*This review is based on my own personal opinion and was not sponsored or compensated in any way*


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