Closed: Construction @ our park

16 May

One of our favourite spring and summer activities is bringing our kids to the park. It’s clean, well kept and has structures for both toddler age and older kids. During the winter the community center opens a hockey rink and a smaller skating rink beside it. In the summer the community center pool opens, it’s equipped with a shallow end for babies and the kids end doesn’t go deeper than about a foot and a half maybe two deep.

Perfect place and it’s right across the street from us. There are beautiful weeping willow trees to sit under on those hot summer afternoons, it’s a little relax spot right outside the front door, well almost.

So far we have enjoyed three summers at this park, so there are some memories there. Our sons first time on a swing was there, things like that.

This past week we had a bit of a shock. Early one morning we woke up to the sounds of contruction machines, trucks and loud workers. We looked out the window facing the park and there it was, the city putting up some really big walls boardering what used to be the basketball court, hop scotch area and…the pool. Not the pool, anything but the pool. Our daughter is not pleased about that.

I dont know the exact plan but according to neighbours I’ve spoken to, they will most likely be cutting down 1-2 of 3 willow trees, hope they don’t. Our next door neighbour has been living here for over 25 years, she too says she’s sad to see part of history torn away for yet another bigger building.

Yes, having a bigger center is a nice thing but having to destroy what’s already loved by the community really isn’t.

We’re losing our pool for an entire summer. We have been making it annual to celebrate Canada day with the kids by taking them swimming – looks like we’ll be looking for a new location within walking distance.

This post won’t change anything and it’s not meant to be some kind of sad petition, I just wanted to say how disappointed in what seems to be a lack of planning on the citys behalf I am, as a mother who is a frequent park visitor with the 2 kids.

Quite disapointed we’ll be looking out the window to a building instead of what used to be the place where many neighbourhood kids used to play.

Until next time…keep dreaming



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