What a day!

18 May

Today was crazy around here, crazy enough that I’m going to blog about it. Started off typical – very early wake up call from the little guy who was both thirsty & needed to be changed. Rolled myself out of bed, not very happy because it was 6:45am and I had been kept up until 2am by noisey kids who disregarded the huge “danger due to construction” sign at the park and decided to have a late night game of basketball. After dealing with the baby (who went back to sleep), I went back to sleep for about an hour before the construction started.
Anyway we’ll fast forward through the morning routine and getting the girl dressed, fed and off to school for a couple of hours.
We thought we could take advantage of the quiet time seeing it was also little guys nap and go through some toys and start organizing boxes for the garage sale we keep talking about. An hour into it and knee deep in boxes of toys we get a text message from a good friend. She was in the neighbourhood and wanted to stop by. Put the garage sale organizing on hold and visit with sis. Another excuse to procrastinate because I was beginning to get a little overwhelmed with all those tiny Barbie parts and pieces.
Another hour went by and it was time to get the girl from her bus stop.
Right before I was about to get ready and go I recieved a text message. Out of the blue from someone I had once been good friends with and had a falling out. It was unexpected and I really didn’t know where to throw it.
Being as polite as I am I responded to the text, playing aloof pretending I didn’t know who it was at first (after all her number isn’t in my contacts anymore). Bizarrely enough she wanted to do a quick coffee visit. Strange. She stops talking to me 6 months ago for no explained reason and then suddenly wants to have a cup of coffee?…We had that coffee, she spoke about herself and her dramatic problems, as usual. It was short and I’m still kind of wondering why after all these months, all of a sudden out of the blue she texts me.
It’s been a crazy day!
Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to continue organizing those boxes for that garage sale!

Until next time…Keep dreaming always…



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