Enjoying outside

19 May

Lately the weather has been absolutely beautiful, definite patio weather. We have been taking advantage and sitting out in the patio during the day, eating outside etc. The kids love it, being in the city that’s as close to “roughin’ it” as they’ll get.

The little guy has hit toddler-age, he loves exploring – summer is the best for exploring and we keep saying it’s just around the corner!

New flowers have begun to bloom in the garden – unfortunately, that beautiful tree featured in my “Growing in my yard” post is now bare except leaves. The beautiful blossoms blew off days after those pictures were taken. It’s funny how some plants are only around for a short period of time.

On the blog-front, I’ve edited and added a couple of sections. There is now a Favourites section which is for any favourites websites I enjoy visiting, have worked with etc. The giveaway section is now Giveaways and Fun! So check those out!
Don’t forget to enter my Kiss Naturals Giveaway & Sign up for Lay’s Chip Trips, there’s a special code on that post for my wonderful readers!

Until next time…Keep dreaming always…



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