The Weekly Update

22 May

I decided to start a weekly recap of the week – for anyone who’s missed posts and to keep you new readers up to date with whats been going on around here on A Motherhood Experience. I call it “The Weekly Update” and I’ll try to keep it to every Friday or Saturday, maybe Sunday but then I’m pushing it! 😉

This week has been super busy around here, the weather has been beautiful and it just makes you want to be out in it – who cares what we’re doing as long as we’re out weather. 20 degrees and a little over on a couple of days I’m sure of it, it was pretty hot! The house has been staying pretty clean, eating outside is something my daughter wont protest to so we both win in the long run. She enjoys a pick-nick outside and I don’t have to clean up crumbs off the floor when shes done! 

Unfortunately we had a little accident this week with the little guy. He was outside sitting on the steps out back eating his snack when he decided to stand up and try to venture elsewhere. He tripped over his own foot and landed straight on the pavement. Luckily he just skinned his knee a bit! He didn’t cry about the scrape however he was very angry when I took him away from his bowl of cheesies to get his knee washed up…funny little tough guy. Scared me more than he did himself I think! Other than that – we had a good ol week!

A few updates have been made to the blog, incase any of you haven’t noticed yet I put in a couple of extra tabs including a Favourites section – hope you take a minute to take a look at it! Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions of things you would like to see on A Motherhood Experience!

I have begun a new adventure this summer – I was asked to join Mom Central for their Lay’s Chip Trips blog tour, exciting! I signed up for Lay’s Chip Trips – great savings on all kinds of summer activities across Canada! Check out my post for more information and to get a unique code to use when you sign up for a NEW Lay’s Chip Trips account so you can bank 10 points and start earning your way to great summer trips locally!

If you have a little girl who loves making things be sure to check out my review and giveaway for Kiss Naturals – D.I.Y. Lip Balm Making Kit! Two lucky readers are going to win their daughters each their very own D.I.Y. Lip Balm Making Kit curtosey of Kiss Naturals – Hurry and enter, it ends on MAY 28th!

Stay tuned for upcoming projects at A Motherhood Experience including a Mabels Labels Review 😉 If you’re sending you’re kid off to camp or have a summer packed full of out-of-the-house adventures with your little ones you’ll want to check it out!

Until next time..Keep dreaming always, @iDream1


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