Premiere evening Sex And The City style

26 May

Last night I attended the premiere of the much anticipated sequel to one of my fav movies (and TV series) Sex and The City 2. Having luckily won tickets the day before, I brought one of my good friends for a special evening out – Sex And The City style!

It was all thanks to @KelliDaisy and the wonderful people at Billings Bridge for creating an amazing evening for us ladies to enjoy here in Ottawa. And enjoy we did, it was a wonderful evening.

Entering the World Exchange Plaza theater almost brought you into a mini world of glamour – everybody dressed their most fabulous. Set up was a wonderful display of candy, “Sex and The City” water, and yes even “Sex and the City” chocolate bars for us to enjoy. There was even a treat to have an express hair makeover by Scwartzkopf.

When we got to our seats we had a swag bag surprise waiting for us – that was pretty sweet!

The movie itself was great, a little long (so use the washroom before) but great! I won’t ruin it but it had everything Sex and the city should have plus a few surprises along the way as our favourite four fabulous New Yorkers embark on new life journies with marriages, kids, over worked careers and our worst enemy as women, menopause.

The story itself was different having the girls whisked away to the middle east to a culture out of their worlds and the fashion was interesting to say the least. There were a lot of tear jerking moments and moments you just have to laugh out loud at the crazy antics these ladies get themselves into.

Overall I give this movie a great review — without spilling any surprises, you’ll have to go see it for yourself.

I read some negative reviews about this movie and I have to say these people obviously aren’t SATC fans (or women for that matter! No offense to the guys who’ve seen it & liked it) because I thought it was great and by the sound of the theater so did almost everyone else who attended. It followed up from the first movie which followed up from the TV series. So if you are a die-hard SATC fan like me you’ll love it!

I really enjoyed the evening all in all. Saw a great movie with great company, a girls night out I’ve needed for a while. It felt good not to worry or feel that mommy-guilt for wanting to go out and enjoy myself. The only part I’m disapointed in is not getting the chance to meet and greet with some of you met via Twitter, maybe next time ladies 😦

One final thank you to everyone who made this possible including my good friend Tina for joining me and my loving Hubby who took care of everything at home while Mom had an evening out

Until next time — keep dreaming
@idream1 xo

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