30 May

I don’t like seagulls. Sure, they look pretty flying over a beautiful ocean view but let’s face it: in the city they are ugly, garbage-picking scavangers.

Two years ago, before we had the little guy, we took dd to burger king for dinner and decided to stop at Tim Hortons on the way home to get a coffee.

As I’m strolling with dd, Hubby already in the store, a gull swoops down at me and the stroller! I scurried away thinking that bird was nuts, only to realize Hubby stashed a burger in the stroller basket! Wow, crazy birds.

I always tell dd not to feed them when we have our outdoor pic-nics. Even though I say not to, they feed them. One comes along, a fry is dropped and boom: 20 million others come flocking and squawking.

Today we decided on a quick supper of McDonalds, seeing it’s nice we decided to eat outside. Dd saw one little seagull and decided to feed it a fry. They came, flocking and squawking. Like something out of a Hitchcock movie.

They were only vicious toward each other when ds thought it was funny to throw his fries at them too.

I think it’s kind of sad though, these poor birds lining up for a morcel of French fry. Oh well, they’re fed when we come around ☺
Nobody was swooped at or harmed in any way except maybe the gulls harming eachother plus they got free take out.

I guess since we have no ponds with ducks around, feeding the gulls at the local McDonalds is the next thing? Lol

Thought I’d share a bit of humour with you.

Until next time…Keep dreaming always…



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