Walmart war…almost

30 May

Today we went on a family outing to walmart. It was supposed to be an enjoyable time shopping but it was quickly ruined by an obnoxious employee.

Typically at any store one would expect store employees to be there to help them in a mature, curtious manner – after all they are representing the store are they not?

I have to say I’m still shocked at the disrespect we got today. Shopping in the sports department dh comes across something of interest – it requires an employee key to unlock a casing to look at it. After 15 minutes of waiting and searching for an employee I finally find one — stocking boxes three isles down from us.

I politely asked for his assistance as nobody else was around and he literally snapped at me! With a cruel look on his face,”What do you want!” were the words that rolled out of his mouth. I couldn’t believe the nerve of this man. Holding it in I simply repeated my request and headed back to dh – infuriated.
The employee followed – looking at dh who just wants to buy this product and get out of here says, “What? I don’t have keys for this!” and walks angrily away leaving us unsatisfied and unamused.

We find another employee after ten minutes of waiting – dh complained about the rude employee to her just as he was returning with the keys. The angry employee became angrier after hearing the complaint. Dh asked him if there was a problem and said we didn’t appreciate the attitude. The employee flew off the handle at dh. Yelling at him saying he won’t serve us and doesn’t have to, he made my 2yr old start crying…Humiliating to say the least. The whole store must have heard it. After calming down dh asked the guy if he could serve us already so we could leave. He was served, he got his sporting goods and we left.

We were the farthest from rude yet this man feels the need to rant and yell at a simple request of a customer at a store where he works. Unreal!

I wish I hadn’t been so angry and utterly humiliated, I should’ve taken his name because he does not deserve to represent WalMart!

Little note to WalMart – I still love you even though that guy was a real first class jerk.


Posted by on May 30, 2010 in A Motherhood Experience


2 responses to “Walmart war…almost

  1. Londia

    May 30, 2010 at 11:04 pm

    Wow that is pretty bad.
    I work retail and i try to be nice at least i think i am.
    I agree that they are representing the store.
    But what a way they did it.
    I know that if a customer has bad attitude with you as an employee you do not have to serve the customer.
    But it sounds as if this employee already had bad attitude themselves to not wanting to help you out.
    I still say you complain but i know you don’t have a name.
    But that is poor service.

    • amotherhoodexperience

      May 30, 2010 at 11:15 pm

      I am a quiet person, hate confrontation and this guy was beyond rude. Bad day or not customer service with a smile please! 😦 I don’t shop at that store enough to bother complaining but yeah it was something else!


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