Once a gamer, now a geek-mama

09 Jun

Once upon a time, before children and slightly into having our first, we played video games. Nothing hard core or hours on end, just a little break doing something besides being a parent. It may sound silly or immature but hey I grew up with technology what can I say! I’m not talking about super Mario brothers or tetris here, Hubby would play more mature level XBox360 games like Gears of War, Halo, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six or Splinter Cell. He’s got quite the collection over the years.

I on the other hand played a PC game – one that’s been around since 1999 – The Sims. I used to own almost the entire collection of the franchise until one day – poof! I was pregnant with baby #2 and prettymuch lost all interest in anything but being a mom.

It was a past time I enjoyed – I would play after our daughter was asleep at night. I often miss it, like reading, a video game can bring you into another world so to speak. An escape when you can’t really escape ☺.

Last week I won the recently released expansion pack to the newest of the sims franchise: The Sims 3: Ambitions via @EAplay on Twitter. At first i thought it was a stand alone (full game) but turns out you need the original Sims 3 game to play. Uh-Oh, I didn’t own The Sims 3 what use is that expansion?

Today we took a trip to Best Buy “to look at earphones” said Hubby – even though I now know it was just an excuse because we walked out with The Sims 3 game. He told me he knows I used to always play these sims games so he thought he’d make my winning prize useful and get the main game for me. I love him, I don’t go out to bars or parties of any kind unless it’s a holiday or birthday – gaming used to give me that bit of me time I needed.

Blogging gives me that me time but I take it a bit more seriously than “just another hobby” gaming can come back and join the hobby list.

What can I say, growing up geek has made me once gamer, now geek-mama!

Until next time…Keep dreaming always…



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