Weekly Update 06/11

11 Jun

For once I’m writing my weekly update on a Friday night. Enjoy it because it’s probably going to be a rare thing around here because Fridays, despite being the beginning of the weekend are busy around here. Anyone with kids can tell you the week doesn’t end for us moms on Fridays!

What a week it’s been – surprises kept popping up one after another including a visit from my mom resulting in my son discovering poop is as good as crayons to colour the walls & crib with. Needless to say my mother went home with a smile and a story on my sons behalf. Luckily she was there to help me clean it up otherwise I think I would have went on mommy meltdown mode.

Avoiding mommy-meltdown was the least of my worries as the bad things seemed to fade away into good again. I hate that, I call it “waves of luck” where for a while I think I have no luck and then all of a sudden good things happen again.

We got hubbys early fathers day present today – collection of 4 National Lampoons Vacation (Chevy Chase). His faves.

The Mabel’s Labels giveaway officially ended with Monica as the winner – congrats! Thanks to everyone who shows support by entering my contests, lots of love! Stay tuned for more giveaways, check out the giveaways tab for details!

In other blog news, everyone is talking about Blogher. An eventing will not be attending, unfortunately. If I had a sitter and $$ I’d love to go. Maybe next year…

Well it’s time to relax with food, a good movie & my Hubby by my side…
Until next time…Keep dreaming always…




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