Our first BBQ of the summer

18 Jun

We had our first BBQ-get together of the summer last night. Okay, so there were still technically four days until it’s officially summer but we rang it in a little early 😉
The weather was beautiful, needless to say we spent the afternoon and evening outside on our deck.

Two of our good friends along with their two boys came over for a patio BBQ get together. It was the first time little guy really met and got to interract with a toddler his age and his size. He was just great sharing his toys and everything, which is funny because he doesn’t normally like to share with his sister. Maybe a few playdates could be arranged over the summer.

So company was great as usual, and so was the food! We had marinated pork chops, cooked by Hubby on our small BBQ with potatoes, peas and corn. We love BBQ season, who doesn’t. We were too full after supper but the kids enjoyed some cookies.

It’s so nice to be able to use the deck for those dreamed of patio BBQ get togethers. It brings everyone together in good fun with great food!

Until next time…Keep dreaming always…



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