G20 – Terrible.

27 Jun

Today every Canadian media outlet has been swamped with whats going on in Toronto at the G20 summitapparently a lot. Protesters took to the streets rampaging and rioting. Tearing down the streets of Toronto like wild animals, no civilization what so ever. They even set fire to a police cruiser and smashed windows of various local businesses. Just to get attention. Just to get some point across.

I live in Ottawa and have been hearing news about this all day. It makes me sick. How on earth can violence solve anything? Have we not learned this already from the many we have lost in battle overseas? It’s disgusting. I understand protesting, wanting certain things for your country like ridding child labour, women’s rights and so forth but will smashing up a StarBucks really make them listen? I doubt it. Actually I guarentee it won’t. They are not only angering the city of Toronto but also embarrassing Canada as a country.  What happened to being civil, sending a letter or shouting a chant even. No, today people think its OK to destroy. It’s OK to burn things and hurt people just to get your point across. This is the message they are sending our youth, our future.

Not like my little blog post will really make a difference itself but as a Canadian I need to speak up on this one. It reminds me of the time a little while back where we had protesters here in Ottawa infesting our downtown core. We were lucky, these protesters were more peaceful. The worst that happened was a few streets had been closed down due to the protesters where cars and city buses had to take a different route. I’m glad it wasn’t like whats happening in Toronto.

After seeing so many tweets from Toronto friends of mine via Twitter yes, I became concerned. Concerned for them, their families and anyone else going through this terror and so close to Canada Day. It makes me sad to know the world is such an ugly place. Let’s pray this stops for the sake of their city of Toronto and our country Canada.

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