I’m living with the iPhone guy

29 Jun

My man has always been into technology and computers for as long as I’ve known him. It’s no question he knows the ins and outs of the PC world. It’s very handy having a guy who can fix just about any electronics, computer and most cellphone problems.

Now, with ever evolving technology he’s learned a new trade to add to his list of know-how’s, Apple’s iPhone.

Since it’s American release in 2007, the iPhone has had my Hubby in a technological trance. He had to have one of these top of the line, cutting edge gadgets that few at the time had due to the high price tag attached to the remarkable wonder. We joined the group waiting for a price drop. Not exactly a priority in the budget at the time considering we were moving and we were 7 months away from being a family of four.

He waited, and waited. Finally the time came where pretty much every major Canadian provider like Bell, Rogers and Fido started offering them with plans.
Anyway we’ll skip to the point, while he waited and waited for his iPhone my man read and read. He read everything he could about the gadget from the shiney outside to the speedy inside.

More and more people are upgrading to the new technology of the iPhone but not all of them know how to properly use them and end up crashing them or getting that restore screen of death, that’s trouble.

That’s where my Hubby comes in, knowing what he knows and fixing their problems. I’m proud of how smart he is at these things. He may not have a certified diploma in it but he learned on his own and definitely knows what he’s doing.

It works out for me too being somewhat of a geek, I rely a lot on my iPhone for tasks like checking just about anything online that doesn’t require flash or crazy forms my phone can’t read. If it breaks, as most of you iphone users can admit too I would be somewhat lost. So he’s here to fix any problems that I can’t.

As I say to Hubby when he asks me an iPhone related trouble shooting question “I know how to use iPhone, but don’t ask me to fix one!” 😉 You have to love living with a techie 😉

Until next time…Keep dreaming always…



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