Summer holiday Part1

30 Jun

Our daughter left late Monday morning with her grandparents for her annual summer stay at her aunties house for a few days.

Little guy stays here with us, due to past events we haven’t had him away from home yet for more than a few hours.

Even though we’ve only had one child the past couple of days things have been just as busy. Running around doing errands, just one less child to bring along.

I miss having my girl around, even though her constant, non-stop talking can make an elephants ears fall off…I miss her. I really dread what I’ll be like if she ever goes away for summer camp.

She will be back on Canada Day which I’m happy about because every year we like to celebrate Canadas birthday together as a family.

This year we want to have an outdoor pick-nick but the weather is terrible so we might be stuck singing “Oh Canada” at home.

It almost feels as though she’s away at summer camp but she’s allowed to call home whenever she wants.

Almost over for her, this was summer vacation part 1 — I can’t wait to hear the stories she brings back.

Until next time…Keep dreaming always…



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