What a Friday

09 Jul

*Warning: if you are one with a weak stomach or are eating please stop reading this until later. Why? Keep reading and find out*

Today was just “one of those days” it started terrible, sustained the pretty bad aura most of the day but seems to be ending pretty good.

First off let me start by telling you how hot it’s been here. I love summer time, it’s my season and July is my birth month but humidity can take a hike when me and my family are trying to sleep.

Think Florida is hot? Just come over to my house, 2nd floor you get the most humidity! Needless to say none of us have been sleeping well, fans running a full force makes for some cranky attitudes all around the next day.

Okay, back to my bad Friday. I woke up to the sweet sound of my little girls voice. Her voice isn’t the bad part, it’s what she said: “Mom, my brother put poop all over his crib” — I did NOT just hear those words before my brain is even adjusted to the fact she’s talking to me. I jumped out of bed and went to the boy’s room. Oh my god. I felt like closing the door and crying at the sight. Need I say what lurked all over my son, the wall, his crib and anything in his crib.
Yes it was everywhere, it stunk to high heavens and yes I was angry but I dealt with it. Like any mom would. Immediately put the boy in the bath tub, scrubbed him down and let him play while I scrubbed down the rest of his room, change his sheets and stop his sister from repeatedly saying “My brother is so gross he put poop everywhere”.
After that hectic ordeal I went downstairs hoping Hubby had heard what was going on and perhaps made us some fresh coffee. Wrong, no coffee so I made some, despite how bad a mood I was in.
My day went on with the typical “mom guess what” every ten minutes followed by the “Mom he won’t stop” followed by the whining of a two year old who has to have his way, you get the point. I love them all but man, it was a rough day.

Funny enough I was able to get a few minutes in to write a few new posts (thank nap time for that), clean the house including the bathroom, do two loads of laundry and also cooked a roast pork dinner for four. Oh yeah also bathed, dressed and put the kids to bed. Hubby helped with the after supper clean up which I love him for because that’s the point in my day and the kids day where we are more tired and edgy especially on sticky summer days.

Now the kids are sleeping soundly in their now cooler rooms since it rained and hubbys gone for a coffee with his buddy I have a moment to take a deep breath and exhale. Thank god it’s Friday, now let’s start things better tomorrow.

Until next time…Keep dreaming always…



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