Busy with life

02 Aug

Lately I have been unintentionally putting off posting as we have been busy enjoying what’s left of the summer. My apologies, things will be picking up around here more.

Between visits with friends and family, birthday celebrations and keeping the kids entertained at the pool, it’s been crazy!

Less than four more weeks to plan our next birthday celebration which is for our eldest, our daughter who will be turning six at the end of august. She’s been talking about it all summer long and “really really wants a Jesse doll” (Toy Story) for her birthday.

Through everything we’ve been doing this summer we still haven’t gone through with that garage sale. I haven’t forgotten about it as boxes of stuff sit staring at me everytime I’m downstairs doing laundry. There is just so much stuff it seems overwhelming and makes me not want to start something when I’m already lacking the enthusiasm to do it in the first place. It’s not laziness, it’s being exhausted by everything else happening around us. I would love to do it this weekend but again it’s a busy week so I don’t know if I’ll have time to squeeze it in but I want to at least try.

Until next time…Keep dreaming always…



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