It’s the little things

07 Aug

We are an easy-going family. It doesn’t take much to put smiles on my kids face and it’s days like today, doing little things as a family that can make the best memories.

Yesterday dh won “MadMoney” via Billings Bridge – What Shopping Should Be on facebook. Second time he wins too! Plus I recieved the news letter with a complimentry coupon for a 5$ g/c! Huge thanks to Billings Bridge for this great contest!

Billings has been running it’s “MadMoney” contest all summer – it ends on August 30th with a $500 Billings Bridge shopping spree and an ipad giveaway.

Today we decided to take the kids out, collect the “MadMoney” and do a little shopping. We browsed Billings Bridge mall but couldn’t decide on anything so of course our kids ended up being spoiled and each got to choose a toy. Dd chose a new Zhu Zhu pet and ds chose a Baby Bumblebee Transformers Car. There was a little left on the g/c so dh bought himself a shirt he really liked.

After shopping we took the bus back to our neck of the woods and picked up a bite to eat, headed home with big smiles and full bellies.

It’s the little things that sometimes make the best memories — this day was one of them, even if all we did was take the bus to a different shopping mall.

Until next time…Keep dreaming always…



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