Happy Long Weekend!

03 Sep

Apologies for the huge gaps between my posts lately, summer has kept me busy with the two kids and now three pets. Yes, we are keeping the Chihuahua (Ruffy), all the pets get along now, it’s quite amazing how quickly they became friends. The Doberman, The Chihuahua and The Cat!

It’s Labour Day weekend and that means it’s official, Summer time is pretty much over.  School starts for dd in just THREE days. I’m a little more prepared for it now though, thanks to a friend on twitter for reminding me about the OSTA website where now, you can find out your child’s bus route and stop! So, with that out-of-the-way it’s just preparing her things for Tuesday morning like her outfit, extra shoes, bag and lunch making sure everything is well labelled. I’m happy I’m at least organized with the label part thanks to Mabel’s Labels 😉

This past week has been busy, including hubby and I meeting a great twitter friend IRL, @patricknicol – it was a meeting we won’t forget that’s for sure 🙂 Great person, he gave us a gift as well which was very thoughtful and although he insists on us not to thank him anymore here’s one last one. Thank you!

This weekend if it’s not raining anymore  will be spent out and about doing last-minute things in preparing for back to school as well as enjoying our last days of summer vacation.  Next weekend DD is in for a real treat as we have been invited to a screening of Alpha & Omega courtesy of Maple Pictures Corp. DD has never been to a movie before let alone a 3D movie.  After seeing the trailer on TV she “has” to see this movie. Shes sure in for a treat! 

There are going to be a few new things happening around here within the next few weeks including switching the theme over to something a little more fall or Hallowe’en like, time for a little change what do you think? Change is good when it comes to a makeover right? 😉 I also have a couple of reviews lined up as well, I’m excited to share those with you so stay tuned!!  Happy Long Weekend!

 Until next time, keep dreaming always


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