My first guest post

17 Sep

Twitter is one of the most useful social media tools for bloggers and businesses alike to use to connect with others, share ideas and network among other things. I joined twitter over a year ago and have made many connections both on a personal and professional level. Today one of those connections brought me the opportunity to have my ideas published as a special guest portion of a post about money-saving tips for the frugal family.

A couple of days ago I was going about my daily twitter check when I came across a conversation about an article about how expensive it is to raise children, in particular speaking about how a baby from 0-1 year can cost up to if not more than 10,000$. I of course voiced my opinion about that particular subject stating it is possible to raise a baby from age 0-1 on a budget less than 10,000$. Before I know it I was in a conversation with @mel_coulson about how exactly we save on some of the costs of raising our kids and she asked me if I would participate in a post she was publishing to her blog “Adventures of a working mom” on the Ottawa citizen website.

Of course I accepted the offer, living in Ottawa, this is a great honour having my input published on such a reputable website like the Ottawa citizen! This afternoon certainly made up for the events of this morning.

It’s my first guest post and I was actually expecting an email back after sending it saying something was wrong with it, that’s the pessimistic critic inside me. I need to trade her in for a positive thinking critic! All joking aside, it was fun participating in this and working with Miss Coulson. An opportunity I couldn’t pass up helping out a fellow blogger and giving moms everywhere great money-saving tips!

Without further adieu here is the post itself, please feel free to leave any feedback (please, be nice.) or money-saving tips of your own!

Until next time…keep dreaming always…


*This is not a paid or sponsored post and I was not in any way compensated. Thank you to @mel_coulson for giving me the opportunity to have my opinion published in your blog!*

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