26 Sep

Chores are never fun when you are a child, or adult for that matter. I remember having to do my share growing up in my parents house  like clean my room, put my laundry away etc. I hated it but now as a mother now I don’t always see every-day things as chores but simply the things we need to do to maintain a happy (and sane) house, including the kids co-operating and helping out with what has to be done. Assuming of course your child is capable for their age, mine are 2 and 6 years old so that is the perfect age range to begin teaching them in little steps I think. At least thats whats worked for me.

There is always a debate about what the appropriate age is to start delegating tasks to your kids, also known as “chores”. We have always taught our kids from a young age to pick up after themselves, they don’t always remember and that’s the key to anything with kids is constant reminder, but my oldest now does realize that helping out means she’s contributing to the family just like mommy and daddy do. She makes her bed, she (sometimes) cleans her room, but mostly she will help me with things like picking up all the toys and arranging the livingroom back to normal after playtime or even helping out when it comes to her brother which I am proud of her for. She shows example to her two-year old brother who now helps in his own ways like picking up his toys, putting his cups in the sink etc. Small steps but in the long run will help them learn.

Having an older child helps too, K learned off of her daddy and me. Copycating what we do and helping us *most of the time* when asked to. D follows whatever his sister does bad or good, thank god he’s picking up mostly positive things from his big sister. Now if I could just get the dogs to pick up after themselves I’ll have it made *lol*

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Posted by on September 26, 2010 in A Motherhood Experience


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