Fall cleaning

29 Sep

It’s that time of year again. Out with the old and organize the rest, maybe adding an interior carpet or two along the way. We have been doing our fall cleaning this week and it has been exhausting.

We started with the basement, which in my opinion was the biggest problem room in the house next to probably the kids room and all the closets (I admit, I’ve been slacking for a while). Everything from last fall up until now was stored in the basement. It was all supposed to be temporary but soon it piled up and became overwhelming. After hockey season was over and we no longer had that many basement get together, it simply became an ugly, disorganized, storage area.

We kept promising K that we would fix up the basement yet again and make her a simple play area with the toys and games organized instead of strewn all over the place like they were. When we started it looked as if it was going to be never-ending. Boxes of old toys, kids clothes of all sizes, shoes, nick nacks and a lot of junk. You name it, it was most likely in our basement.

After two LONG 12hr days working on it and hubby working overtime into the wee hours to get it back the way it was, we did it. We now have our living space back and a little corner for kids to play. We still need to buy some decor though. Maybe some tables and stools for around the bar area. I’m not really liking the floor without carpets, it’s a little cold on the feet and the walls could maybe use some pictures. I’m thinking since it’s a basement we can save some money and just buy used or even retro! We’ll see what the finances will allow before Christmas time.

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