Another page in the fail book

04 Oct

Blogging has grown from a hobby to what I consider my career in the past year and a half. Why I blog is simple, I enjoy it. I enjoy writing about the little things that happen in my every day life with my kids and being a mom. I enjoy writing reviews on products I think others moms like me would use and I enjoy hosting giveaways for my wonderful readers. I enjoy the whole aspect of having a place on the web to call “my own” and actually having people enjoy reading it hopefully as much as I enjoy writing it.

Over the past year I have also wanted more than “just another mommy blog”. I’ve wanted to expand my blogging into something more, maybe even pro blogging but in my mind that’s pushing it. Working with other people and maybe even getting paid for it is just a dream. When opportunity came knocking I took my shots, twice and failed twice. It’s nobody’s fault, just the way it goes. It hasn’t stopped me, nor will my recent venture into yet another blogging contest.

A couple of weeks ago I entered a blogging contest for Billings Bridge mall for a 3 months blogging gig and $500. I applied, like I have for other over the past year and I again did not win. I don’t even know why I thought I could win, I mean there are so many amazingly talented bloggers out there. As in everything else in life there is always someone better. I just wish that this time would have been mine to shine. I’d like to congratulate the official winners of the contest though, I’m sure you all will make proud.

With that I close another chapter in my book of failed attempts. This again won’t stop me from blogging, far from it. I was meant to write, just not for that, not yet.

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Posted by on October 4, 2010 in A Motherhood Experience


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